DraftStars Fantasy Sports - NRL, AFL , NFL, NBA

DraftStars Fantasy Sports

If you are looking for a daily fantasy sports league to bet on, look no further than the DraftStars service provided by CrownBet. Whether it’s AFL, NRL, NFL, NBA, cricket or soccer, you can find all your betting needs in one spot.

How does daily fantasy sports work? It’s simple. Have fun building teams of athletes who go head to head against one another in different sporting leagues. During the matches, you can win points that are calculated based on statistical performances of similar athletes in the real-life sporting world.

Daily fantasy sports are so much more than the older version of season-long fantasy sports, as they take place over shorter spaces of time, like seven days, or even one single day! This means you can remain focused and play for a short stint without being bound to a certain game for an entire season.

It also provides more variety as you can mix up your athletes each week and each new time you play, without having to be stuck with the same players for the entire season.

Simply choose your Fantasy NRL, Fantasy AFL, or other sporting team, and get involved in one of the most exciting fantasy competitions for your chance to win a host of different cash prizes every week.

It’s very easy to play too. You just have to choose the team you want to get involved with, pick your players under different salary cap formats, and begin. Or decide to test your skills with the draft system available – it operates in live time!

Each week you can tackle different elements of the game. Whether it’s new teams, tactics or players, you won’t get bored with the variety. DraftStars offers so many different competitions and scenarios that there’s always something for everyone to get involved with that will keep them interested.

The way DraftStars is run allows you to track everything easily too. Log in to the live match centre and you can check out how well your players are faring by looking at the live score board. Whether it’s for Fantasy AFL, Fantasy EPL, or another sport, Draftstars lets you check on your opposition and their scores, as well as see how you are standing on the overall live time leaderboard.

DraftStars is working together with Fox Sports and CrownBet to form a joint venture that is one of a kind. It is also the AFL’s official daily fantasy sports partner.

How to Play DraftStars Fantasy Sports

Playing DraftStars couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is pick your competition by checking out in the lobby section of the game where all the contests are listed.

After choosing the game you want to get involved with, or even creating your own competition to play with your mates, you are ready to get started.

DraftStars is so flexible that if you do decide you want to play with your friends, then you can easily choose a sport, competition type, how to get paid, what the entry amount is, and many other different variables.

But however you decide to get involved, the steps are easy. Next, you can start your game, some of which – if you win – will mean you’re able to take all the winnings, or in other games you’ll share in huge prizes amongst hundreds and sometimes even thousands of other lucky winners, increasing your own odds of having a chance at the prize. There are so many different ways to win and the way you choose to get involved in fantasy sports is completely up to you.

When taking part in your fantasy cash games, you can choose from a whole host of different gaming options, picking out your tournaments and choosing players from live drafts.

There are different competition options, some with huge cash prize pools to tap in to, and others featuring head-to-head or even different multiplayer gaming options.

Don’t despair if you’re a beginner either. There is a beginner’s competition to get involved with, so you can feel out how DraftStars works and get the hang of it on an easy level before moving on to tougher competitions.

The bonus about DraftStars is that unlike other fantasy leagues, it lets you choose exactly the players you want to work with, and you can pick from any of them. Your challenge is to select the best lineup to your advantage while staying underneath the salary cap, because each player comes at a certain price.

And the beauty of the game is that because the competition is updated in live time, you are able to check out different player statistics and score and track how you are doing on the leaderboard. You can use this information simply for bragging rights or even to claim your cash winnings.

DraftStars Scoring System

Whether you are playing AFL, NRL, NBA or NFL fantasy cash games, each game has a different scoring system under DraftStars.

For example, there are nine different options for scoring points or having your points taken off you when you play Fantasy AFL games. You can even win free kicks against different players.

And in Fantasy NRL games, there are even more ways (13 different types) for awarding points for different performances throughout the competition, depending on the activity of the players.

When you play Fantasy NBA, you can tap into eight different methods of scoring for base points, and a further three different options for getting bonus points. These are based on how your players perform as well.

With Fantasy NFL, you can use offence to score 11 different ways, which is also judged on player’s performances and participation. Defense scoring happens in 14 different ways, increasing the ways in which you can earn points as you play.

It’s evident there are a whole host of different sports and competitions to choose from when you play with DraftStars. And not just that, but you can also pick different sports and contests from the DraftStars lobby selection, allowing you to easily choose your perfect fantasy team in a short space of time.

Not only that, but with the option to pick athletes for either a number of different matches, such as those played over the space of a weekend, or having the choice to choose players just for a day or individual match, there is so much variety in the way you can play with DraftStars.

When you have decided on your team, you can also put them into the free or paid for competitions to play against your friends, or simply decide to go head-to-head with other people within the wider DraftStars community. With so many cash prizes to win, the choice is truly yours.

DraftStars Mobile App

DraftStars is excited to announce that we will also soon be releasing a mobile-optimised version of the game. This means you will be able to access your matches while you are on the go, wherever you are.

Giving you more freedom and flexibility for when you play, the app will feature all of the pages on the DraftStars website, such as the lobby, adding funds function, the chance to edit your different teams, and of course, the live scoring leaderboards.

With the app, you will be able to access the game from your smartphone, where the mobile-optimised version of the site will automatically load. For tablet use, the default version will be the same desktop version you see on your computer screen.

We look forward to releasing our new DraftStars mobile app soon, so more players can get involved in the game.