Free Horse Racing & Sports Betting Tips

Free Horse Racing & Sports Betting Tips

If you’re looking for the best betting tips in Australia – straight from the mouths of experts – iPunt is where you want to be. iPunt’s tipping service takes care of every big sporting match and every important racing event, throughout the year. So, whether it’s summer, autumn, winter or spring, you can get the information you need with just a few clicks.

All types of horse racing are covered, as well as NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, A-League, EPL, tennis, soccer and cricket. And, for lovers of American sports, NFL and NBA are on the site, too.

Regardless of which match or game you’re betting on, you get access to reliable statistics, such as previous scores and other important predictors. There’s also insightful analysis and intelligent predictions, worked out by betting experts. Meanwhile, every horse race comes with an incredibly detailed form guide, long lists of racing results and betting tips. Keen to compare odds across matches or races? iPunt makes it easy.

Visit now to get absolutely everything you need to place a bet, research sporting teams or horses, or play your favourite fantasy sports. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more useful, accurate and thorough betting service anywhere on the internet.

The iPunt betting tips and news coverage is for the following:

Free Horse Racing Betting Tips

You can revolutionise your approach to betting on horse racing and boost your chances of success with This hard-working betting site is a punter’s best friend.

For a start, users can access betting tips for weekly horse racing in both the New South Wales metropolitan and Victorian metropolitan areas. Every race that’s covered on iPunt comes with a mind-blowingly detailed horse racing form guide. Plus, there are specially-developed tools designed to help you get the most out of the form. Prepare to discover new ways of thinking and innovative perspectives, which will deepen your knowledge and analytical abilities.

Want to check out the TAB results for a race meeting you missed? This is easily done, thanks to iPunt’s comprehensive TAB horse racing results records. Every meeting in Australia is 100% analysed, bringing you valuable insights for future betting. Want to make sure you’re getting the best horse racing odds from the best bookmakers in Australia? iPunt has them all listed, allowing you to compare and contrast.

Finally, iPunt also gathers the most important horse racing news and editorials from across Australia. So, you need never miss a game-changing story.

Jump online today and make your horse racing betting a success with us.

Free NRL Betting Tips

If NRL is your game of choice when it comes to a flutter, let iPunt help you become an expert. No stone is left unturned on iPunt’s extraordinary site – from NRL tipping and NRL odds to NRL scores and NRL statistics.

Every week – without fail – iPunt publishes NRL betting tips. You can expect the very best rugby league and NRL tipping advice for every single match in Australia. So, whether you’re betting on a game in your home town or on one of your favourite fantasy competitions, there’s everything you need for a smart NRL predictor.

In addition, iPunt can help you become a more knowledgeable and skilful punter with its thorough statistical analysis. Every NRL match is dissected for you. At the same time, keep up with developments by reading iPunt’s weekly NRL news. All the major stories are there, so you need never miss a beat.

Looking for the best odds? Rather than working with just a few bookmakers, iPunt lets you compare all rugby league and NRL odds from all the bookmakers. The best NRL betting promotions are published, too, so you can always make the figures work for you.

Want to keep a close eye on the action? iPunt’s NRL live scores can help you. Users can have live scores sent directly to their mobile or check them on the site.

Free AFL Betting Tips

For AFL betting fanatics, iPunt has an extensive resource base. Whether you’re looking for AFL tipping, an AFL predictor, AFL scores or AFL odds, you’ll find it. Information is continually updated, with live scores, expert analysis and news stories being added continually.

Keen to become a more successful punter? Get expert AFL tipping advice for each AFL game in your AFL tipping competition. Every week, iPunt rounds up the best betting tips for all matches – from the first game of the season to final matches to the AFL grand final – so users can have them at their fingertips.

To help you keep up with matches as they happen, live AFL scores and live commentary are published as each match is played out. They can be found on the site or can be sent straight to your mobile phone.

Want to make sure you’ve found the best odds before laying your bet? iPunt provides and compares the odds from literally hundreds of betting markets, so that you can make comparisons.

Finally, place the most educated bet possible by using iPunt’s AFL predictor. It brings together all the statistics you need, to create a big picture.

Free Rugby Betting Tips

Are you looking for a way to become a more successful rugby punter? If you’re wondering how you could do better, visit This smart, forward-thinking site is a one-stop-shop for all your rugby betting needs. That’s whether you’re looking for betting tips and odds or a rugby betting predictor and scores. At iPunt, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

There are rugby betting tips worked out by experts for all the major rugby matches, including Super Rugby, the ITM Cup, the Rugby Championship and Six Nations. So, wherever you are in the world, you can place an educated bet.

Are you trying to track down the best odds? Go no further than iPunt’s bookmakers’ pages. Here, all rugby odds for all markets that matter are compared, letting you take your pick the best bookmaker to place your bets with. No longer do you have to settle for odds that are not the best available.

To deepen your knowledge, study iPunt’s reliable, comprehensive statistics and analysis. Every game in Super Rugby, the ITM Cup, the Rugby Championship and Six Nations is covered. While you’re at it, keep an eye on live matches as they’re played, with iPunt’s live scores and live commentary services. They’re available on the site or on your mobile phone.

Free Soccer Betting Tips

If soccer is your favourite game when it comes to having a bet, then you’ll find all the statistics and soccer betting tips you need at It’s one of Australia’s leading betting websites, dedicated to making a punter’s life easier, by drawing together bucket loads of information in one convenient spot. Prepare to take your betting experience from good to outstanding.

Want to know what international soccer experts are thinking? Get access to their betting tips for all matches – from A-League to EPL. Wondering what the statistics are suggesting? Jump on iPunt’s exclusive results predictor to find out.

What’s more, iPunt collates all the important soccer news stories of the week. So, if you’ve been too busy to read the sports pages, you can catch up easily and quickly. There are also exclusive news and editorials for EPL, A-League and Champions League, including statistics and best odds for each market.

When you’re ready to place your bet, visit iPunt’s betting pages to compare odds from Australia’s best bookmakers. And, to see how any game is faring, keep in touch with live scores and live commentary – via the site or your mobile. This service is available for every A-League, EPL, Europa and Champions League match.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

More and more Aussie punters are turning to iPunt for their cricket betting tips needs. On this leading betting site, you’ll find a wealth of information, designed to turn you into a more informed and skillful punter. Think betting tips, accurate statistics, in-depth analysis, odds and more.

iPunt has a reputation for providing some of the best betting tips for cricket to be found anywhere on the internet. That’s because their tips come directly from experts and are based on thorough analysis. There are betting tips for all Test matches, all one day internationals and all T20s. In addition, the statistics pages, as well as iPunt’s exclusive results predictor, let you analyse matches across competitions.

Want to re-watch the highlights from any Test matches, one day internationals, T20s, IPL matches or Big Bash matches? They’re all available on video, as is an enormous collection of cricket news and editorials, curated from a range of local and international sources, and updated regularly.

And, if you’re keen to keep an eye on a particular match, take advantage of iPunt’s live cricket scores service. Covering all major matches and competitions, including IPL, big bash and all international matches, it’s available on the site and via phone.

Free NFL Betting Tips

If you’re looking for the best NFL betting tips, in-depth statistics and an exclusive online predictor, you’ve landed in the right place. You’ll find all this and much, much more at iPunt. It’s one of Australia’s favourite betting sites, covering every major sport and every NRL match.

For a start, iPunt is where you’ll get some of the most accurate NFL betting tips on the Internet. Worked out by NRL experts, they’re available for all games and all fantasy games, too. Combine them with comprehensive statistics and detailed analysis to improve your betting knowledge and, most importantly, your chance of making a buck.

iPunt also helps you get more out of every bet at its bookmakers’ pages. All NRL betting odds offered by Australia’s top bookmakers can be seen in just a few clicks, allowing you to make helpful comparisons and track down odds that suit you. Instead of settling for the first odds thrown your way, research until you’re satisfied.

There’s also an excellent live NRL service, which publishes live NRL scores and commentary, as they happen. You can have this information sent straight to your phone or find it on the site. Don’t miss a second of either the NFL season or the Super Bowl with iPunt’s full coverage.

Free NBA Betting Tips

iPunt is the place to go for the best NBA betting tips from experts, comparisons of bookmakers’ odds, live scores and live commentary. In short, it’s a one-stop-shop for all the NBA information any punter needs to make intelligent betting decisions.

iPunt gets all its NBA betting tipping advice from the mouths of professionals. That way, users get access to information that might otherwise be hard to come by. You can compare various NBA betting tips before making a bet or compare team historical statistics.

On top of that, all NBA games – both real-life and fantasy – are covered through in-depth statistics and analysis. You can use these to tap into iPunt’s exclusive online NBA results predictor, which suggests how teams are likely to perform. And, any time you want to watch a match, take advantage of full coverage of both the regular season and the NBA finals.

Don’t have time to sit down? Get regular updates with iPunt’s NBA live scores and live commentary service. It’s published on the site and can also be messaged to your phone.

Finally, when it’s time to place your bet, don’t be short changed. Compare NBA odds set by Australia’s best bookmakers before deciding which bookmaker to bet with to ensure maximum payout. iPunt has all the NBA stats, odds and betting information you need to bet on the NBA or play fantasy NBA.

Free Tennis Betting Tips

When your favourite tennis open rolls around, visit iPunt for all your tennis betting needs. This popular Aussie betting site puts absolutely everything you need at your fingertips. You’ll find amazing tennis tipping advice, an exclusive online tennis results predictor, statistics and analysis for every grand slam, including Wimbledon, the US Open, the Davis Cup, Roland Garros and the Fed Cup, as well as the full ATP tour and the complete WTA tour.

Whether you’re betting on a match close to home or further away, get advice from the people who know. iPunt publishes tennis betting tips from experts from all over the world. In addition, every single event covered comes with in-depth statistics and intelligent analysis, thanks to iPunt’s highly advanced betting predictor.

Want to keep up with live tennis scores and commentary? They’re available for all matches and can be sent to your phone or accessed on the site. And, to make the most of every bet, visit iPunt’s odds pages. Tennis odds from all the top bookmakers are available in one convenient place, so you can make comparisons.

With iPunt’s exhaustive database and exclusive services, you can take your tennis betting experience to a whole new level. Find out how now by visiting