Ladbrokes Info Hub

Ladbrokes Info Hub

The Ladbrokes Info Hub is an amazing tool to help you hugely enhance your online betting experience. It provides a wealth of vital data designed to help you to pick your horse racing and sports betting choices with all the expertise you’d want to use.

This terrific sports and racing Info Hub can be quickly accessed via an icon that appears either in the app or on their website. This means that wherever you are and whenever you’re ready, all the information you need is ready and waiting at your fingertips.

If horse racing is your passion – or even if you only like the occasional punt – then this Ladbrokes Info Hub is filled with data and analysis to help you place your bets. This is the place that you’ll discover a terrific overview of all the relevant race info plus a superb and vital form guide. Using this, you’ll then be able to find featured bets for the market and key price fluctuations. In fact, Bet Tracker provides you with those featured bets and fluctuations for each and every horse, plus amazing live video and truly informative speed maps.

For other sports markets, the Ladbrokes Info Hub offers a betting market overview together with important pre-game stats. You’ll source trending betting data and price fluctuations, plus a level of in-depth head-to-head market analysis you’ll surely appreciate. Add to this both live video and Bet Tracker, which takes the featured bets and fluctuations to tell you exactly how much has been wagered on any player or event.

This is a hugely innovative product, providing you with the chance to be the highly-informed punter you want to be. For example, their Speed Maps are used to work out the settling position of any horse in the early part of a race. Just one more reason that those who like to think about their punts before placing those key bets are increasingly heading to the Ladbrokes Info Hub to do so. Time to see for yourself!

Ladbrokes Info Hub – Horse Racing

Horse racing has been called the Sport of Kings and is certainly the sport of choice for so many eager Australian punters. If this is you, then the super Ladbrokes horse racing Info Hub provides you with all the information you need and a swift and easy way to choose and place your bets. It’s an amazing source of all you need to know, from the key form guide (presented in a superbly easy-to-use interface) to track conditions, stats and analysis, even to how the Australian climate is behaving. Add to this a race synopsis, the race time, and a synopsis of the four top runners in the field.

And there’s so much more! If you are keen to know where the big money bets are being placed before a race or discover the odds fluctuations for any runner, then the Ladbrokes horse racing Info Hub delivers everything you’ll want to know.

Then there’s the exclusive Bet Tracker, using both featured bets and odds fluctuations to show how much has been placed on each single horse in a race. Their Speed Maps allow you to find out more about specific horse running patterns, and you can enjoy live video of Victoria horse racing meets.

When you are using the Ladbrokes Info Hub to place your bets, it couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the odds of any horse available in green shading and they’ll go right to your betslip where you can then quickly complete your bets. No wonder increasing numbers of punters now know that the Ladbrokes Info Hub is the smart place to be!

Ladbrokes Info Hub – Sports

For a wide range of sporting events, simply look for the Ladbrokes Info Hub icon. On their mobile website or app, simply rotate your device to landscape to open it, and all the terrific features of this superb betting resource will be ready for use. On their website itself, just click on the icon to open.

You’ll see from the overview that you can find valuable pre-game analysis and stats for each team, plus trending relevant data for each match-up. This includes win/draw/loss records, comparison of home and away performances, plus league or ladder positions. Then, you might visit the Head 2 Head section for brilliant levels of in-depth statistical analysis about teams’ or players’ past encounters.

The Featured Bets section shows you exactly where the big money has gone as you head towards the kick-off or bounce-up. At the same time, the Fluctuations section shows price movements for teams – see who has been gaining market support or who has been drifting out a bit.

When you go the Bet Tracker, you’ll find that the information gathered for both Featured Bets and Fluctuations has been collated to show just how much has been wagered on individuals or teams – both as a volume of bets and the amounts actually wagered.

Then there’s the Ladder to show the current standings. Amazingly, the Ladbrokes Info Hub even offers you the chance to use specific filters to customise the ladder in the way you want!

Add terrific Live Video of selected sports events and a simple and swift way to click and make your bets – and you’ll surely see that this Ladbrokes Info Hub is the place for smart sports and betting fans to be!