Ladbrokes Odds Boost + Odds Boost Extra

Ladbrokes Odds Boost

If you are looking to place a bet on the greyhounds, then you can’t go past Ladbrokes Odds Boost. This program allows you to choose any runner of any thoroughbred, greyhound or harness racing event, with the chance to increase your winnings through an Odds Boost.

No matter the price on your selected runner, you can improve your chances with an Odds Boost, increasing the price that is currently on offer.

Plus, it doesn’t matter what day you decide to use your Odds Boost, as the service is available every day of the year. And as an added bonus, every night at midnight, you will have an extra Odds Boost added to your current account with Ladbrokes.

However, you are not able to roll over your Odds Boost to the next day, so therefore your account is only topped up if you have no Odds Boost left. So if you use up your Odds Boost every day, then this will be the ideal situation for you when you lay down your bets.

Using Odds Boost couldn’t be easier. You simply look out for the option in your betslip and you can apply it to your bets.

Thanks to the Odds Boost system, recreational punters with Ladbrokes now have the chance to easily increase their odds when they have a punt on one of the offered racing events.

If you are someone who likes to bet on the races, then you can’t look past the Ladbrokes Odds Boost to increase your chances of winning, and increasing the amount you do win.

Ladbrokes Odds Boost Racing Extra

After speaking with punters and getting their feedback on how they felt we could improve our services, we discovered they wanted to improve their odds on racing. This led us to create the Odds Boost Racing Extra – delivering a new system which helps punters to increase their odds.

Now, whenever you see the blue Odds Boost Extra logo, you can go for an extra boost on your single win fixed priced betting. For each and every race meeting these criteria, you can therefore improve your odds. And because these extra boosts are not taken out from the Odds Boost balance you have, you have an increased chance of winning on your odds.

Best of all, this option of using the Ladbrokes Odds Boost Racing Extra is available every day of the week, whether you are betting on thoroughbreds, harness or greyhounds. Simply bet on a race of your choosing, using the single win fixed price betting.

To activate this service, all you have to do is use your betslip, adding your selection to it. Then you need to activate your Odds Boost button and you will see the price roll up as it’s boosted. Perfect!

So what are you waiting for? The punters asked for this service and we delivered! We now hope we have happier punters who are able to increase their chances of winning, and the amount they win, by introducing this new Odds Boost Racing Extra service.

Ladbrokes Odds Boost Sports Extra

No need to wait: the Ladbrokes Odds Boost Sports Extra is now ready and available for punters who are recreational and want to place a bet on the races. This means you have an increased opportunity to win big, by backing yourself on the different sporting markets and increasing your odds.

All you have to do to get your extra boost is to navigate to the sporting event of your choice, one which has the blue Odds Boost sports extra logo, and then add this single win bet onto your betslip. Next, you can boost the button to see your odds increase immediately.

No matter what the sports market, as long as there is a single win betting option, then you can go for the Odds Boost Sports Extra. Look out for the Odds Boost Sports Extra icon to ensure the race or sport event you plan to lay a punt on has the Odds Boost Sports Extra feature available, and then go from there.

However, do remember that the Ladbrokes Odds Boost Sports Extra is different from the Ladbrokes Odds Boost. What does this mean for you? That by putting a Ladbrokes Odds Boost Sports Extra on to your betslip, you won’t be affecting your other Odds Boost balance.

How to use Ladbrokes Odds Boost

So what exactly is the Ladbrokes Odds Boost in simple terms?

The feature enables you to up your odds of your fixed price bet. Put simply, the Ladbrokes Odds Boost allows recreational punters to bet on certain races and sports markets with their odds higher than usual.

How can I use my Ladbrokes odds boost?

Simply use your QuickBet or Betslip system to add a fixed price win bet on any racing sport.

How can I use the Ladbrokes Odds Boost?

All you have to do is choose the Odds Boost button on the betslip and your odds will be upped.

Anything else to note?

Recreational punters have only one Ladbrokes Odds Boost to use each day, and this must be used on a fixed price win bet.

The Ladbrokes Odds Boost tops up after midnight each night and you cannot stockpile your daily Odds Boosts. You also cannot use your Ladbrokes Odds Boost for one or more runner in one race.

How can I use the Ladbrokes Odds Boost Extra?

Simply go to a race that has Ladbrokes Odds Boost Extra logo and then put the bet on your betslip, clicking on the Odds Boost Extra button to see your odds for the race increase.

Where is the Ladbrokes Odds Boost Extra available?

It is available on selected racing events and selected sport markets for single fixed priced win bets.

Remember that Ladbrokes Odds Boost Extra is different to the regular Odds Boost option. You also cannot use bonus bets when you are using the Ladbrokes Odds Boost and Odds Boost Extra. Furthermore, you are not able to activate the cash out feature with Odds Boost and Odds Boost Extra.