Ladbrokes Ride Guide - Jockey Interviews

Ladbrokes Ride Guide

So many famous people throughout history have been excited by horse racing – and the chance to wager a few hard-earned dollars on their outcomes. For example, legendary US newspaperman and short story writer Damon Runyon once said that: ‘The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” Mind you, he might have been pleased to take a little more time if he had a resource available to him which added lots of to-the-point information before he then chose to place any wagers!

How about you? You may be a really keen student of the horses, someone who thoroughly enjoys carefully studying the form and conditions before then making a carefully judged choice. On the other hand, you might simply be someone who, like so many Australians, enjoys no more than the chance to enjoy a recreational punt, when you can, on our so many race meetings across the land. Whichever is the closer description of you, it’s surely true that having immediate access to the best of racing information will always help you reach your decisions and make your choices before placing those telling bets.

This is why, if you haven’t yet enjoyed investigating it, the Ladbrokes Ride Guide is a truly superb way to gain access to exclusive footage from Australia’s leading jockeys. Here, as close as you could ever get to hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, you’ll find these brave and talented individuals providing truly detailed descriptions of their key planning, strategy and tactic decisions for many upcoming races. Not only that, they’ll also reveal to you just how they think each of these races will probably then be run. You’ll almost feel as if you are right there inside their heads, or stationed on their shoulders, as the excitement mounts and they are called to the start. There they wait, ready to ride like the wind from the off, or maybe just hold back for a while – depending on those specific tactics, and you have a chance of knowing which tack they are more likely to take.

It’s already obvious that this truly amazing Ladbrokes Ride Guide provides the first hand knowledge that every punter craves but in a way you have probably never been able to enjoy it before. These hugely talented star jockeys will providing stunning and detailed visualisations of what they believe is going to happen as each race unfolds. They’ll cover what the track conditions are likely to be – and, for many careful punters, that’s always one of the key factors when choosing to invest their dollars on one horse over another. You’ll even learn the key instructions they are likely to receive from their mount’s trainer, and what they believe are the key character traits of that upcoming ride itself.

How to watch and enjoy this superb facility

By now, you’ll surely be eager to enjoy these superb Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos as they are released before every major race day; when those decisions and choices that so many punters, just like you, want to make are a key part of the enjoyment of their whole racing or betting experience. So, it’s good to know that these terrific videos are available to be easily viewed on any desktop or mobile device. They are just so simple to find – you just click on the play button located on the jockey silk that’s right next to the runner on each race card. By clicking the runner’s name located right of the silk you will then load the expanded form of this superb content to allow you to both access and enjoy the terrific Ladbrokes Ride Guide video content.

An alternative source of these videos is also found by visiting the superb Ladbrokes Info Hub. This is a terrific and innovative way to provide the sporting information you’d always want to know before reaching those betting decisions. If you navigate to the main racing page of Ladbrokes and seek out the Ride Guide icon, then you can quickly click right through to the race card page and you can soon be watching those experienced jockeys talking candidly about those vital race tactics and possible strategies.

When this terrific Ladbrokes Ride Guide will be available

This superb feature will be accessible for Ladbrokes clients covering all the major metro Victorian horse race meetings. It will be available for an amazing 60-70% of runners at selected locations.

A final point

It’s important to know that the Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos are provided only for the entertainment of clients. As you watch them you’ll see that all the videos are unscripted and Ladbrokes provides no warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained in these Ride Guides. That said, they do provide a terrific way to add more to the fun of placing bets on big races and top horses. That’s why so many people will be eagerly viewing them, taking the thoughts of these superb jockeys on board, and then girding their loins to place their own punts. Then, it’s simply a case of sitting back and seeing how well the chosen horses perform.

If you make use of all this information, you’ll surely never comply with the description that Benjamin Franklin once offered about a man you might guess he wasn’t overly impressed with: ‘He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on’.

You may not be riding the horses yourself, but with this brilliant Ladbrokes Ride Guide you get so close to the brave and talented people who do. Finding out their thoughts, tactics and strategies, learning how the track might ride – and so much more – is just another way that those terrific people at Ladbrokes are continuously adding to the race betting experience. Now is a great time to investigate it further and see how much enjoyment you’d gain through using it.