Lottoland Australia - Play US Powerball, Euro & Mega Millions

Lottoland Australia – Play US Powerball, Mega Millions Lotto

If there is one thing that can be said about us Australians, it’s that many of us do like to take a punt from time to time! So, if you are looking for the huge fun of taking part in massive lotto draws from competitions not just here in Australia but around the world, Lottoland is absolutely the place to visit. For example, for a stake of just $5 per game, you can be part of a chance to win potential jackpots of more than $1 billion.

Lottoland offers you the best in lotto competitions from around the globe. For home based competitions, here at Lottoland you can quickly enter the hugely popular Saturday and Wednesday Australian Lotto draws. You can also choose to be a part of their super and mega draws. Of course, as you’d expect, you can also take part in Keno online, with the chance to be a million dollar winner each day.

Over in Europe, Euro Millions and Euro Numbers lotto are recognised by so many people of different nationalities as a great way to enjoy the chance to win the biggest lotto jackpots available across the whole of the European continent. Play these great games at Lottoland.

Many people would recognise the US as the home of amazing jackpot possibilities. For just that $5 investment that we mentioned earlier, you can play the US Powerball game. This is the place for a minimum winning jackpot of $55 million, and it’s also the home of some jackpots that are over one billion dollars!

Also from the United States, Lottoland features the amazing US Mega Millions, which offers a weekly minimum of $20 million and has featured jackpots of more than $800m.

People sometimes ask our Lottoland team why European and American lotto draws regularly offer jackpots at such substantially greater figures than our home-based competitions. It’s simple logistics really – higher populations provide more entrants and therefore higher cash amounts are available for these terrific prize pots.

For example, the US population is around 320 million, compared to our hardy band of 24 million or so. The Euro Millions Lottery is designated as transnational and is spread across 13 countries, territories and principalities from Ireland and France to Spain and Portugal.

We know that many of our Lottoland friends like to mix and match across various lotteries, and at different times of the week. That’s why we work so hard to make sure you can enter competitions far beyond our shores, as well as being a part of our own home grown games.

So whether you are looking to try your luck in the legendary US Powerball game at just $5 per entry, would like to stick with our own Australian Lotto or Keno online, or are going to be decidedly European in your lottery outlook, you can be sure that our team here at Lottoland will be making sure that it’s quick and easy for you to make your choices and confirm your entries. Just choose your games and you’re good to go!

Lotto & Powerball Draws Covered

Play US Powerball

Great name for one of the most powerful lottery prize winning chances anywhere! This is a hugely popular multi state USA based lottery, generating great excitement with the amazing scope of its jackpot possibilities.

Here at Lottoland, simply pick your five numbers plus that US Powerball, and you’ll be playing for truly massive jackpots. The five number choices are between one and 60 and the Powerball numbers are from one to 26. The prizes are distributed in nine terrific prize divisions, with a minimum jackpot of a life-changing $55 million. Record jackpots have pushed up to an almost unimaginable $1 billion – although there’s plenty of imagination involved in considering what you might do with that amount of cash!

The US Powerball jackpot draw is held each Thursday and Sunday, and jackpot winners can choose either a single lump sum or a guaranteed payment each year for the next 30. Which would you go for?

Through Lottoland, you can establish a subscription that will see you entered automatically in each of their draws, making sure you don’t miss out on a chance to win through forgetfulness or simply a lack of time in your busy life. Of course, we publish the results on our Lottoland website each week to make it easy for you to check your entries.

Play Euro Millions Lotto

This is the place where Europe’s biggest lotto jackpots are offered, so of course we make entry easy for you here at Lottoland. Prizes of up to $267 million have been won, simply for a correct pick of five numbers from a choice of between one and 50, plus a further selection of two star numbers between one and 11.

13 European states and countries group together to provide this bumper EuroMillions lotto competition, and the winning numbers are drawn in Paris each Tuesday and Friday. This is a hugely popular lottery across the participating peoples and it’s certainly one thing the Brits don’t want to Brexit from! This lottery has been offering the biggest European jackpots since its formation in 2004, with minimum weekly jackpots of $21 million and over $250 million has been won as a roll-over jackpot.

Through Lottoland, you can play EuroMillions for just $5 per single game, and we provide subscriptions so that you can be sure you are entered for every single draw. You can check the winning EuroMillions results and numbers, and find out the size of past jackpots, here at Lottoland.

Play US Mega Millions Lotto

Mega Millions! With a name like this, you can almost guess that this will be a lottery based in the US! It takes place twice each week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and here at Lottoland you can be part of it for $5 per game. It has been around in the US for over two decades, originally known as The Big Game – but doesn’t Mega Millions sound much more exciting?

To play, you simply pick six numbers, five from between one and 75, and then the Megaball itself from between one and 15. This enters you into a draw that delivers the world’s highest lotto jackpots, sometimes in excess of $500 million. Minimum jackpots are set at a handy $20m and the biggest has been $840m. As with other US lotteries, you can choose to receive jackpot winnings as one mega payment or spread over 30 annual instalments.

There is an option for 5x Megaplier boosts, increasing your winnings by up to five times from the second division. Here at Lottoland, we know you won’t want to miss out on a single draw so we offer a terrific subscription service to US Mega Millions to make sure you never will. Of course, you can also check here at Lottoland to find out which numbers have won for each draw. You may be mega pleased that you did!

Play Australia Lotto & Powerball

It’s just something we Australians like to do – playing our own Wednesday and Saturday lotto. You can do so quickly and easily online here at Lottoland. Of course, you’ll know that each state has a different name for the competition such as Tattslotto, x Lotto or Gold Lotto. No matter what it’s called, Lottoland lets you play all of our Australian lotteries from one interface – and you can use a subscription to make sure you never miss a single draw.

Saturday lotto offers six prize divisions and a minimum weekly jackpot of $4m but it’s often higher. Add to this those regular attention grabbing Superdraws which guarantee a $20 million jackpot, and the amazing annual Megadraws offering $30m or more.

Lottoland also makes it easy to enter the Thursday Powerball Australia draws, which guarantee jackpots of at least $3m but have been as high as $50 million and more. With eight prize divisions, this is more than any other lotto anywhere in the country. Simply pick six numbers between one and 40, and then add a Powerball choice from one to 20.

A quick check at Lottoland after each draw will soon let you know if your number’s up!

Play Keno Online

Apparently Keno was around in China centuries ago, and there is a legend that it helped to finance the building of The Great Wall itself! Here in Australia, Lottoland is the place to be to take your chance to win $1 million every four minutes – and not many of us could even yet run a mile in that time!

Each day, draws take place between 2.34pm and 7.45am AEST. This means that, on any given day, you have 15 chances to win in each hour the game is played! 20 numbers are drawn from a total of 60 available. All you have to do is choose how many numbers you want to take: minimum one, maximum ten. To win the million you need to match all 10, but if you don’t match all of them, you can still be a winning Keno player.

Lottoland makes Keno so easy to play, just as if you were in your local club or pub – and you can visit online or through our superb mobile app. You simply choose your numbers and then select your individual stake of between one and 10 dollars, to get as many numbers out of the drawn 20 as you can.

With so many chances to win $1 million each day, it’s no wonder so many Australians love Keno – and choose to enter at Lottoland!